Interests, Skills & Hobbies:

  • Innovation in Engineering

  • Technology for Social Good

  • Global Politics

  • Humanitarian Endeavours/Causes

  • Entrepreneurship


Bachelor of SCIence in ELECTRICAL engineering (computer engineering minor)

bachelor of science in computer science

with internship

University of Calgary- Class of 2021


Consultation Categories:

Undergrad Admissions, Scholarships, Program Choice, Course Selection, Career Help, Resume/CV & Interview Skills, General Opportunities, Curriculars, Navigating Higher Education

Notable Achievements & Positions:

  • Engineers Without Borders UCalgary- Various Roles

  • Canadian National (CN) Diversity Scholarship

  • Persons Case Award

  • Pearl and Samuel Huang Scholarship in Computer Science

  • Engineering Intern at Garmin Canada

  • Various Technical/Engineering Projects

  • Various Other Leadership Roles & Scholarships