Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your services only for first generation students?

A: No, we help any student domestic or international who faces a lack of access to resources.

Q: What is a PAP or Personalized Action Plan?

A: A Personalized Action Plan is a consolidation of resources, opportunities, advice, insight, etc. customized to you and your dreams and goals. View some sample PAPs here.

Q: After receiving a Personalized Action Plan, what do I do if I still have a question?

A: We can answer any questions, walk you through your plan, or help you follow through with your actions in follow-up consultations, which you can book here.

Q: Can I ask questions without booking a consultation?

A: For specific advice and resources, we advise you to book a consultation. However if you have an unrelated question or concern, please feel free to contact us here.