Personalized Action Plan Samples

A free consultation is required before a consultant is able to build you a personalized action plan.

Samples here are sections from a full plan. Please note that your plan will be incredibly personalized to YOUR needs. These plans were made for students who provided permission in displaying sections of theirs as samples.


Degree Comparison in Same University with its Honours Equivalent

This section displays requirement comparison of a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy vs. a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Honours).

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University Comparison for a Prospective International Student Pursuing Computer Science

This section demonstrates a compare and contrast of different universities in Canada, looking at english proficiency requirements, application fees, location, program explanation and differences, student cost estimators, admission requirements, document deadlines, etc.

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Program Comparison with Technical Details

This section displays a compare and contrast of programs in the computer science umbrella, focusing on future career prospects and opportunities.

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Preparation Recommendations Before Starting University in a Technical Program

This section contains advice on preparation recommendations for a student looking to pursue computer science related degree in university.

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